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Mattress Buying Guide: Your Sleep Mentor

You must have often heard someone say- Sleep tight, Sleep right. Yes of course! Sleep is one of the most important circadian activities that we all indulge in. Think of sleep and the first thought that crosses your mind is bed. And bed is all about the mattress that adorns it.So, if you are preparing to […]

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How to Sleep on your Back?

If you observe closely, no two people sleep in the same way. Each one of us conditions our body to a particular sleep position depending upon the quality of comfort derived from it. Usually, three basic sleep positions are practiced all over the world-side sleeping, back sleeping and stomach sleeping. Of this, back sleeping is […]

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How long does a Mattress last? Is it time for the big change?

An average human spends around 33% of his life sleeping. Truly, that is a precious amount of your life that goes into simple relaxation. And indeed such dear time of the life devoted to tranquilizing the mind and body does require adequate care and pampering.During our lifetime we make various investments-both big and small. Some […]

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Benefits of Sleeping on the Left Side: Turning Left is Right

Left is the new right! Yes if you are wondering how turning left in bed can do you good, then read on to know the multiple benefits you enjoy by sleeping on the left side of your body.Your lifestyle, age, body weight, mattress quality, temperature all affect your daily night’s sleep, but remember, the quality […]

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sleeping with socks on

Sleeping with Socks on: Warm up your feet

Remember those nights you spend crawling and curling your feet in the blankets trying to get some sleep by getting warm and cozy. Well you are not the only one struggling to prepare your body for a good night of comfort sleep by warming your feet. There are many who do it every night in […]

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Types of Mattress: A Complete Bedding Guide

As per a recent study conducted by experts, an average human being spends about one-third of his life sleeping. So, if you were lucky enough to live for 78 years, you would approximately spend about 26 years dozing off in the bed. Sleep counts to be an important factor in our life along with healthy […]

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